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Powder Application- Tips on how to apply powder

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Powder Application- Tips on how to apply powder Empty Powder Application- Tips on how to apply powder

Post by ANJANI TETLI on Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:04 pm

Powder Application- Tips on how to apply powder »» Powder application is an art in itself. There are some tips which you must follow to make it worth.

Tips on applying powder »» Apply loose translucent face powder brushing off
the excess with cotton wool.
Take care to see that powder does not 'cake' or settle into any lines
or tiny wrinkles on the face, specially in the area around the eyes.
You can carry a compact of 'pressed powder' in your handbag for touching-up your make-up.
Face powders are primarily used to minimize shininess or excessively oily areas of the skin.
Apply to the T-zone first (forehead and nose), then blend outward to other areas of the face with a brush or a puff.
Powder puffs come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and colors, but the most
important thing to consider is the nap of the puff. A medium nap (think
chenille) is the best to apply powder.
You want to go in the direction your facial hair grows in order to get
the most even application , and use a brush with natural bristles as
they are more porous and pick up powder better than synthetic brushes.
They also release powder to your face more evenly.
Using a brush - A brush allows you to apply a lighter amount of powder
than a puff. Large and fluffy, powder brushes can be used with both
loose and pressed powder formulations.

There are two types of makeup powders: »»
Loose Powder - Loose powder has a light, airy consistency and is
preferred by professional make-up artists because it's less likely to
streak on the skin. This type of powder gives your face a very smooth,
matt look and lasts longer than pressed powders.
Pressed Powder - Pressed powder is treated under great pressure to
create a compact, cake form. Oils are often added to the formula to
ensure that the powder sticks together longer, but this can make the
product streak on your face

How to choose a powder? »»
When it comes to powder, there is quite a variety to choose from.
Choosing makeup powder according to your skin type. If you have normal
to oily skin then it is best to use a translucent loose powder, as it
will absorb any excess oil. If your skin is dry then a pressed powder
would be good for you, as it will add moisture.

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