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Lipsticks ......

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Lipsticks ...... Empty Lipsticks ......

Post by ANJANI TETLI on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:04 am

No cosmetics has to power to transform like long lasting lipsticks .
Even women who don't wear makeup wear lipstick - and say they feel
naked without it.A necessary part of a polished look is applying
lipstick before leaving the house. No other cosmetic helps to make a
woman feel sexy and self assured like:

  • Lip gloss

  • Lip liners

  • Lipsticks

lasting lipsticks are so easy to apply. If you can color in a coloring
book, you can color your lips. With enough practice you won't even need
to use a mirror.

Lip Styles

All woman love lipsticks and how they enhance the sensuality of the lip.
So, how does it work?
Lipsticks are composed of color pigments, shaping wax, and emollients or oils to moisturize and carry the color.
The five basic formulas of lipsticks are:

SHEER: Sheer
,also known as stains, tints , and glosses , contain minimal coverage
.They're so sheer , you don't need a mirror to apply them.

shimmer, formerly known as frosted, are more beautiful and subtle now .
They look heavily metallic , pearly , or opalescent in the tube , but
on lips, the coverage is soft and subtle.

Amatte look without the heavy matte feel, creams contain more oils and
conditioners than mattes, which makes them lighter .They're also known
as moisturizing lipstick, hydrating lipstick, and lip rouge.

Mattes last longest(except for long lasting lipsticks),because they
contains most pigment and pigment makes a lipstick last. But mattes can
be drying. Lighter mattes are known as demimatee or semimatee.

Many works on time- release principle. The heat of the lip stimulates
continuous release of color. Ingredients like porous silica seal it in,
and cetyl octanate (common in foundation) makes it last.

lip gloss and moisturizing glosses are also desirable for a different
twist. Shiny lip liners shape your mouth and make it easier to apply
the lipsticks.

Lip Care

Make up for the
lip always gets more attention than lip-care.This area needs contant
attention because in this area, the outermost protective layer of the
skin is very thin . The lips contain no sweat glands and very few oil
glands. That is why they are prone to chapping and cracks, even leading
to bleeding and infection in some cases.
The daily care for the
lips involves cleansing, to remove all make up.Next, apply Shasmooth
almond cream and leave it on all night. If you have dark lips
,Shasmooth will help.The lips are an extremely vulnerable part of the
body, and lipsticks should provide protection.

good lipstick will moisturize the lips and shield them from the sun
without interfering with the final sheen or finish of the lipstick.

These days the most lubricious lipsticks contain moisturizers like:

  • Vitamin E

  • Collagen

  • Sunscreen

  • Amino Acids

Women over 50 usually look better when they use cream lipsticks, rather than a matte or gloss style.
In a pinch your cream lipsticks can double as a blush.
Carry a stash of different lipsticks in daring shades in your purse for different occasions, outfits, and moods.
Beautiful Lips

of us have less perfect lips than others. But don't despair! There are
plenty of tricks of the trade to help make your lips more balanced and
beautiful. Some of the most effective solutions:
* The best lip color fixative? - A thin layer of Chap stick. The formula holds lip color like crazy as it heals and protects.
* Powder lips also gives lip color or gloss something to cling to for longer, smoother wear.
For longer wear, blot lips after applying lipstick to set color and
remove excess. Add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder, then apply
color again.
* Turn down too much shine by holding a single-ply
tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it -
just enough will sift through the tissue to adhere to color and reduce
the shine.
* Turn up the shine with a thin layer of clear lip gloss over lipstick or alone.
* For high-voltage shine and color, try a lip lacquer over lipstick or alone.
* For fuller, poutier lips, spotlight lip gloss right in the center of your mouth.
* Keep matte lip color from drying your lips - use a lip primer or lip color fixative before you apply the matte color.
* For evening special-effects, apply a sheer lip gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color

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