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Makeup Tips For Different types of Faces

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Makeup Tips For Different types of Faces

Post by ANJANI TETLI on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:00 am

Facial structure should be analyses to ascertain the facial type so
that attractive features are emphasised and irregular features are made
less noticeable. To achieve this, you must understand basic face shapes.

Oval Shape

Oval is considered to be an ideal shape. No corrective make-up or
special hair-style is required because it is the most balanced face.
The purpose of make-up is to archive the oval shape. Eyebrows should be
shaped in a natural arch. While applying lipstick the lower lip should
be outlined to create fuller look and the natural line of the upper lip
should be followed. Blush on or cheek colors be applied in a "C" shape
and blended up to the outer corner of the eyes.

Diamond Shape

This facial type has a narrow forehead and chin with wide cheek bones.
Reduce the extreme width of the cheeks to achieve an oval shape Apply a
darker shade of foundation to the outside of cheekbones extending
towards the outer corner of the eyes. A lighter shade of foundation can
applied on the chin and the forehead to create an illusion of the width
to the face. The Eyebrows should not be close but slightly apart from
the centre and then follow the natural arch. Lipstick should be applied
in the natural form of lips.

Heart Shape

heart shaped face has a wide for head and narrow chin. Increases the
width of the chin and jawline with a lighter shade of foundation and
minimize the width of the forehead by applying a dark foundation.
Eyebrows should be thick and straight following the natural arch, but
with a one eye distance between the brows. Lipstick should be applied
on the natural lip line. A high lighter or a white eye shadow can be
applied on the forehead centre and the sides of the sides of the cheeks
to create an illusion of the width. Apply rouge on the upper cheek

Round Shape

A round face has an
almost equal width and length proportion. Add length to the face to
achieve an oval Shape. Generally, a narrow forehead goes well this
face, which can be formed by using a deeper shade of the foundation on
the sides. To give a slender look to the jawline, a dark colour
foundation can be applied on the jawline and under the cheeks. Cheeks
will look narrow if rouge and blush on are applied on the cheekbones
and blended towards the temple area. Lipstick should be applied on the
inside of the lip line. Eyebrows should be shaped in a sweeping manner.
Eyebrows and eyes should be given a longer appearance with the help of
the brow pencils.

Square Face

straight forehead and square jaw make a very strong face shape. A
darker shade of foundation applied on the temples, jawline and sides of
the face will tone down the wide corners of the face. A little rouge on
the cheeks should blend towards the jawline to accentuate the length of
the face. Round shape eyebrows provide a soft touch to the face.
Lipstick has to be applied to create fullness in the lips to divert
attention from the square jawline.

Long Shape

The face is long in the proportion to the width, usually with hollow
cheeks. to reduce the length of the face an illusion of the width is
required. Slightly thick eyebrows with a natural arch are needed to
reduce the face length. Eye make-up should be aimed to achieve a wide-
eyed look. Eyeliner should be applied from the centre of the lid
tilting it up to the outer corner of the eye. Lip line should be full
in the appearance. Rouge and blush-on should be applied to cheeks not
higher than outer corner of the eye and not below the tip of the nose.
A deeper shade of foundation can be applied across the jaw and chin and
on the top of the for head to reduce the length of the face.

Pear Shape

Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin are the main characteristic of
the pear shaped face. An illusion about the length of the face and
adding width to the forehead are required for a pear shaped face.
Eyebrows should be shaped to create a higher arch on the outer ends.
Rouge application on the cheekbones should be blended towards the
jawline. A deep colour foundation should be applied on the sides to
minimise the width of the jaw and to achieve a slender look.



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Re: Makeup Tips For Different types of Faces

Post by ZEAST on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:18 am




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