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be a beautiful bride

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be a beautiful bride Empty be a beautiful bride

Post by ANJANI TETLI on Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:58 am

be a beautiful bride Bride1

Bridal Makeup

Marriage is a Lifetime occasion in a woman's life, and she will want to look her best and perfect on this day.

your wedding day, you want to look fabulous-but remain true to
yourself. Bride make up take care under the professionals beauty
parlous. They dress you according to your tastes and preferences. They
are chosen carefully taking into consideration the brides face
structure and suitability. With rising awareness about make-up,
different concepts of beauty and individuality, women of today know
what they want. They give bride has a trial session with the beautician
before hand. This will help her to select the correct make-up and
hairstyles, saving time.

Tips For Bridal Make up

The first thing to remember before one starts applying any makeup is
that the face should first be thoroughly cleaned and pores must be
closed as this ensures a smooth look.

  1. The Bridal make up have to be in bright
    contrast shades or bright mac thing shades for shading and highlighting
    facial contours due to the draining effect of artificial lighting.

  2. Foundation texture should be matte to give good coverage for camera shots.
  3. Tined foundations can be used in different colors to reflect the shaded and highlighted areas.
  4. Cosmetic sponge can be used to apply and settle the foundation for a natural texture.

  5. Perfect finishing effect of foundation should be aimed at because the
    face is being prepared like a canvas for the more flattering elements
    of make up.

  6. Foundation must be applied over the face, neck, eyes, ears and even on the lips to reflect an even look.

  7. Wrinkles can be concealed with foundation. The foundation should be
    applied sparingly and evenly. It should be applied in an outward
    circular movement over the entire facial area. Excess foundation, if it
    accumulates in the furrows of wrinkles, should be removed. The face
    must be checked thoroughly to achieve a smooth texture.

  8. Under eye dark circles and spots can be covered completely with the
    help of a skillful use of erase foundation. A lighter shade of
    foundation should be applied in a thin coat. let it dry for a few
    minutes and then once again apply the foundation of the skin co lour on
    the whole face to give a smooth and even look.

  9. Keep a balance between your lips and your eyes.
  10. Lip liner frames your lips and holds color in. But choose a natural color - nothing too dark.

  11. Curly hair that is straightened -Use a deep conditioning treatment
    before hand, blow dry, run a hot iron through your hair and then brush
    in a glossing product.

  12. Straight hair that is curled
    - Keep a curling iron handy for touch-ups. For an instant fix, wrap
    select pieces in velcro rollers and lightly spray. Remove after a
    minute or two, spray lightly with a soft spray.

Go ahead in life, be a beautiful bride

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