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Hair Care Tips

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Hair Care Tips Empty Hair Care Tips

Post by ANJANI TETLI on Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:44 pm


Hair is an essential part of your beauty. From ancient time, hair has
been regarded as the source of eternal beauty. Shiny locks attract
anyone and also add more grace in your appearance. You become so
elegant and decent with various hairstyles. In this modern age, long,
short each type of hairstyles shows fabulous beauty and you become the
ideal beautiful woman. Taking care of your hair is very necessary.
Every woman possesses different types of hair. Texturewise they differ.
Some have dry, again some oily. Even various hairtypes offer numerous
kinds of problems too. To cope with different hair problems, follow
certain hair care treatments and turn your hair into the smooth, soft,
shiny texture.

Different types of hair

Dry hair

Do you feel dryness on your hair? You may have dry hair which requires
some basic hair care treatments. They turn dry because of inactive oil
glands. Also if hair is over exposed to the sun, pollution and other
environmental factors, you may also experience such condition.
Sometimes applying harsh shampoo increases the risk of getting them
dry. To cope with all such situation, you have to enjoy some nourishing

Tips to get rid of dry hair

  • Use warm herbal oil at least twice a week. Gently massage your hair. It will pamper the hair as well the scalp.
  • Eat food which is rich in zinc. Also you may add oily fish to your diet.
  • Apply mild shampoo. The shampoo should not contain any harsh ingredient. You may choose heat-activated shampoo for shiny hair.
  • To offer moisture on the hair, treat it with deep conditioner. Follow the process at least twice a week.

Oily hair

Usually those who have oily skin may possess oily hair too. Oily hair
secretes excess oil. Therefore, the scalp also becomes oily. After
shampooing your hair looks so greasy and oily. Such hair type easily
attracts dirt.

Hair care tips for oily hair

  • Shampooing is necessary for oily hairtype. You may apply shampoo at least three days in a week.
  • Oil or shampoo which is rich in neem and henna is useful for oily hair.
  • If
    you can get a head massage with herbal oil, it will keep the balance of
    pH level on your scalp. Encourage this process at least once a week.
  • Too much consumption of oily food may create difficulty. Go with green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Normal hair

Normal hair is easy to maintain. Its usually shiny. You may enjoy any hairstyles with normal hair type for long days.

Tips for healthy normal hair

  • Use shampoo at least once or twice a week.
  • After shampooing apply conditioner. Choose good quality conditioner for better effect.
  • Get some head massage with herbal oil.

    Homemade hair conditioner

    Honey Herbal Hair Conditioner

    1/4 cup honey
    1/4 cup glycerin
    1/4 cup sage, and 1/2 cup dried chamomile flowers
    or 1/2 cup nettle leaves and 1/4 cup rosemary leaves
    1/2 cup witch hazel
    1 tablespoon liquid lecithin


    Keep all these ingredients in a screw top jar. Shake well and leave for
    1 hour. Remove the herbs and pour the liquid back into the jar. Apply
    it after shampooing and enjoy the nourishing effects.

    Home recipe for shiny hair

    To get shiny hair mix one teaspoon of honey into 4 cups of warm water.
    Apply shampoo and add the mixture through your hair. Avoid rinsing and
    get the wonderful hair.

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